Ferme a la Table?

You're probably wondering what this whole blog is about...and what's up with the title?

Directly translating from the French language, ferme a la table means farm to table. Which is exactly the concept that I intend to deliver in the near future. Still a little dubious?...well, in a few moments you'll see what I'm getting at.

On May 17 2010, I began my culinary adventure in a class of 16:1. A melting pot of all sorts, my class in particular seemed like a UN meeting at midday. There were 6 including myself, who flew to the Big Apple just for culinary school, and clad in our crisp chef whites we sat in the kitchen wondering what we got ourselves into. Apparently we weren't there for the same reason, although we all had one thing in common, and that is we're all foodies.

New York City is more than just bright lights and Broadway folks, it's a gastronomical mecca, one that I have personally immersed myself in. Located in the heart of Chelsea, the Institute of Culinary Education has been my "home" for the past 2 months and will continue to be until the end of the year.


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