Rendevous in Union Square

There are some benefits living here in the city and that's convenience in the palm of your hand. I'm not complaining about my address here in New York either, I'm pretty much dead center to everything I can possibly need. Not forgetting about the abundance of take-out and how grateful I am for it too.

Just a couple of blocks south, away from home is a place we call Union Square. Every other day including Saturday the area is filled with local Greenmarket produce farmed by the farmers of NYC. I always look forward to these days as I take in the overly ripe smell of peaches bathing in the hot summer sun. Apples by the bucket load including a vast variety catering to certain preferences and tastes. As well as homemade blackenberry muffins, sourdough the size of tractor wheels, and even the chalky gluten free ones sneak their way in. It's difficult not to get aroused by everything that's going on, I find it impossible to decide what to get and usually fail to bring anything home. Or, everything I buy gets eaten in the midst of searching for the next intriguing thing, which usually is the case.


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