DIY: Everything you need to know about UNI ✹

I bow to the high heavens to whoever was the first brave soul to devour the prickly creature...that person must've been pretty hungry. Sea urchins are dioecious, having separate male and female interesting...anyway...I've always had a spot for uni in my belly, and it's been a while since I had the taste of sweet, creamy, and briny guts on my tastebuds.

I went on a search to buy my own live urchins online. I found two places that have them one was far in greenwich village and the other was at the Chelsea Market. I ended up at Eataly which is just across the street from where I live, well...isn't that just darned convenient? I didn't even knew they had them till I decided to give 'em a call beforehand and sure enough they did. As I walked into the doors of Eataly I saw an orange haired, robust man wearing orange crocs...wait a minute... It's Mario Batali!!! He was with his son grabbing a few things, I wonder what it's like for him to grab things and go, it's like his own personal walk-in fridge.

I have compiled for you a "How To" for Uni virgins who wish to attempt creating dishes too beautiful to eat. This is the ultimate food porn guys...but beware there are some disturbing images, ...not for the squeamish.

first you start with one or two uni's....

get a pair of kitchen shears and begin cutting through the topside

the uni's mouth (the white thing) has now been detached!

see the roe?? (the golden eggs) the black stuff are
innards and such

i used chopsticks to carefully remove everything out in one piece
just wash off the black goop under light running water

nice and clean!

i knew that these two single uni's wouldn't yield much roe
so i went and bought a pack of fresh uni roe

The uni is sitting on top of some kosher salt (just so it wont move around)
I filled the uni with konbu (dried seaweed which I softened in water)
the leaf that you see sticking out is actually a pandan leaf which i conveniently
had in my fridge (: the fronds that is next to the pandan is a sweet pea tendril. I was
lacking another color to contrast the uni and gratefully I had some leftover pickled
cucumbers and radishes which I made a few days ago.

So...there you go guys. Oh and all in all, I spent about 24 bucks for this whole dish. Surprisingly the live uni's were only about 2 bucks each, the pack of uni I bought was 19ish dollars. Now I don't need to go to Sushi of Gari to have this anymore!


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