Gingery Fizzy Gooodness: homemade ginger ale!

As much as I love my diet coke...ginger ale is some pretty good stuff. C' gotta like it too!? well you know what..oh nevermind. Anyways! I was surfing through the many many food sites and came across a few brewy pages....brew like beer making, wine making etcetera.. I was obviously intrigued by the many homekits that have been created for your pleasure of brewing at home! I didnt buy any homekits if that's what your thinking..but I did do something similar.

During my semester at culinary school I took up a management class as well. One of my colleagues in class just so happened to be a beer brewer! He actually created Sixpoint beer here in NY...according to him it was born in his little apartment (Obviously many many years ago). It was pretty awesome to hear his passion with beer but gosh, hearing him talk about it every week?!! Oh noo.. The rest of us are like.. Oh no, here Andrew goes again.. Anyway, I must admit..from all the talk I did pick up a few tips and am grateful for it..Thanks Andrew!!

Thus I have created my own ginger ale! It's very simple actually...all you need is ginger, lemon, sugar, yeast, and water! Oh and a 2 liter plastic bottle. Just mix everything together, let it sit in the bottle for about 2 days in a warm area..then once the bottle has slightly expanded and is hard to squeeze put it in the fridge! Once cooled, just drink up! I am serious guys.. homemade ginger ale is so much better than like the commercial I think I'll stick to diet coke when I go out.. until I try and make coke that is...but I dont think that'll

see the fizz??

mm gingery and zesty

Try it out!! You'll be surprised how good and how simple it really is (:


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