How I've missed you You Tiao

I don't know what you have for breakfast...but for me about 9 months ago I had the pleasure of biting into a little fried cruller of heaven. Tell me you've had a bite too? Just 50 cents for a fresh out of the fryer crispy and steamy and chewy breadstick really.. but its soo good! especially when dipped in a little sweetened soy milk or in my case, hot steamy milo.

I constantly teased myself with pictures of food from the hawker centers or stalking through fb pictures with any sight of delicious decadence...i won't mention any names. Luckily I miraculously had everything I needed in my pantry to create this PITA You Tiao. Why such a pain in the butt? For starters I can't remember the last time I waited 9 hours for something to finish. So I took the advantage of doing it around midnight last night to make the dough. It needs at least 7-9 hours to proof and relax so when you fry it up it'll be puffy and light.

I woke up this morning excited and ready to knead, I totally forgot about walking my dog but he still managed to proceed into the living room and decided to spread his body over my cowhide rug. Anyway, back to me being excited...I grabbed the dough, it was beautiful and soft and also managed to bulk up about 3/4 of its original size, perfecto. I then divided them into equal pieces, began rolling and though hey...maybe I should heat up the oil so it'll be ready when I fry! dun dun dunnn...I only had about 9 drops of olive oil left and I finished up all the canola oil the day before. But I remember bringing home a quart of duck fat after making duck confit a few months ago. Now, if you think You Tiao is good in general...wait till you try it fried in duck fat. It just gives it an extra fragrant edge and it's not too chewy either. My you tiao is getting cold, I have Nikita waiting on me in my DVR, and I have to remake my milo... hope you like the pictures!

puffy golden deliciousness

little d managed to scramble to his feet after I placed them
atop the windowsill

piping hot milo just how I like it


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