I ♥ Pao

I really love that I have a lot, and I mean A lot of free time on my hands now, but I need to find a way to occupy myself. Food porn... I said it. It's definitely a huge tease and at times very very frustrating. I decided to create my own sort of "food porn" for myself and perhaps for others like me.

It took two days to make my kong bak pao's (pork belly buns) but it can usually be done in one. I didn't have any yeast in hand so I took my time and made the buns the next day. On my whim to chinatown on Friday I came across a gorgeous 15lb slab of pure belly bliss, and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make them pao's. I divided the belly into two pieces, one for the pao and the other for a roast pork which is something else I'm working on. Anyways, the belly was simmered in soy, hoisin, brown sugar, dark soy, a little salt, and water. Low and slow is key and best cooked in a dutch oven either stove top or in a low oven of 300f for around 3 hours depending on the size of the belly.

If you're wondering why the buns are yellow instead of the stark white that it should be...well I chose a "healthier" route and used whole wheat bread flour instead, oh and I added some leftover duck fat too (maybe the wheat flower doesn't even count). Well at least it tastes good! Just steam them after proofing and moulding, slice a nice thick piece of belly add a little hoisin, a few slices of fresh scallions and you're set.

so meltingly delicious...its a not so "heart-friendly" treat
but so what...it is amazing


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