Lady M...who?

I think I really just outdid myself...I don't How I can possibly top anything off after what I have just seeriously...

Can you guess from the title what it can possibly beee?? .....Here are a couple hints for those who...don't have much of a sweet tooth.. The boutique is in NYC... somewhere on Madison (upper east side...) ..a lot of Asians (especially greedy indo girls must go there at least once every myself) ....Okay.. I think I just gave the answer....

I can't really tell you why I decided to make this but everything that I make just magically ponders into my mind at any place and at any time...I guess I decided when I was at whole foods a couple hours earlier as I was buying my thanksgiving ingredients.. I was at the dairy and eggs section and thought..hrmm I want a crepe..Nonono.. I want a Mille Crepe.. which is just a vanilla cream layered upon layers of thin crepes..and to top it off.. a brulee top....nomnomnom

Please...beware, the photos that you are about to feast your eyes on may cause: anxiety, depression, hunger, major cravings, and possibly got you famished. beautiful...

i used a vanilla pod (see the vanila seeds) very important!
exceptional ingredients = a great product all the time

a little messy..yes..but who's watching anyway? was delicious


  1. this looks delicioussss!

    hi! (:

  2. WOW PIFFY that's awesomenesssss !!!!

  3. Shit!!! Why don't you invite me to your place,Tiff!!!!


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