Mini Rosewater Macarons

The macarons that we consume today are pretty large...why don't they make little petite ones? I had leftover egg whites in the fridge so I decided to put them to good use. On my way home after the greenmarket I passed by Fishs Eddy (a plateware, dinnerware etc store) they have a lot of nifty stuff and they're pretty cool in general...lots of colors and variety. I picked up a few oak slabs for plating and other odd shaped bowls to add to my collection. After spending too much time at Fishs Eddy I passed by my local baking store, it's like a sur la table on steroids but just filled with all your baking needs instead! I picked up a few different essences for my macarons such as, orange blossom, rose water, almond etc..

Rose water is so delicately fragrant, its very elegant and smells so sweet. Hope you like em!

eenie meenie minee moe....

....i really did mean petite


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