OMG! Pop Rocks Lollipops...with Nutella

For my culinary graduation I wanted to go big...I wanted people to remember a night they can't forget, unless they wanted to.. i kind of wanted to (but we're not going there) anyway......

So! does one manage to do that?! oh..well..that's easy..

Numero uno.. Make homemade nutella.. Why? because I don't like the plasticky processed kinds you can find in your neighborhood duane and reade..yuck.

Numero dos... Add freshly made nutella to chocolate...ohh yeah. Sinful isnt it? But all the better

If 1 and 2 arn't like awesome together already I just had to go the extra mile and add something else.. something to really make it POP...literally.

Numero tres... Add pop rocks to nutella chocolate mixture... (i am salivating as i write this)
(as you can spanish is improving as I attempt to speak with the ecuadorian workers at the restaurant)..they laugh at me ):

(on my grad night)....I watched with glee as people started coming towards the desert table.. I actually stood there hoping they would take my lollipops..and if they didn't I stepped in and told them that they better take one!! I was nice..I promise... I told them that they weren't "normal" lollipops.. they were extra extra special..I think they took it hesitantly and skillfully disappeared out of my sight. Sigh..they probably thought I was a little loco, but hey everybody is..right?.. It paid off alright..and next thing you know they were tapping on my shoulder with big eyes and irritable excitedness to tell me how unbelievably awesome they were.. Ohh yeah..

At first glance they seem like innocent chocolate disks on a stick.. then you take the first bite...its hazelnutty..chocoaltey then its PoPPPpPOPpPOpPpOp.... mmmm

I'm gonna let the lollipops speak for themselves...but boy
i really am sorry you can't just grab it off the screen...


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