a simple single temptation: homemade nutella macarons

However you make it whether it be the french or italian method...or any other method for that matter they all turn out dee-lish. It takes 4 ingredients, yes...4 ingredients. Almond meal, icing sugar, caster sugar and egg whites. I happened to have hazelnuts and decided to make my own nutella because its just better than a plain chocolate ganache.

You can make nutella with your eyes closed...serious! Toast the nuts until they are hot and toasty, run them in a robocoop until it is as smooth as silk. Meanwhile melt dark and milk chocolate in a bain marie and add it to the robocoop with the hazelnuts. Blend until smooth. Add a pinch of salt, a dash of sugar and there you go...your very own nutella.

These macarons were fun to make, even better to eat! Sprinkle a little fleur de sel to give the macarons a little sweet salty edge.

straight out of the oven

little d trying to woo me with his "puppy eyes"

fleur de sel, nutella macarons



  2. Dolceeeeeeeee ^^

    You hv a lot of free time, Tiff

  3. do you have the recipe?

  4. I will probably post a recipe index in the future..at the moment I don't have a recipe book or what not.. Sorry! I just never ever write them down..The next time I make it I will though


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