Sundays with J: Yum-O

This is how I'll be spending my sundays, hopefully from now on. My childhood friend J has always enjoyed food though he complains about the frustration of chewing....what?? Whatever it is that J is trying to whine about he doesn't mind the process of cooking exceptional food.

I went to wholefoods yesterday and as soon I stepped in it felt like home. I love everything about this place, it's so beautiful...I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to grocery stores and this place is like the mecca of it all. So I let my eyes do the wandering and then it came...the inspiration. I laid my eyes on some seedless cucumbers, loose golden beets, a bunch of radishes, a head of red cabbage and a whole heck of a lot more. I knew as I walked in I wanted to make pasta for lunch, so I grabbed 4 different types of mushrooms; enoki, oyster, cremini, and button. Since J wanted to learn a few techniques in the kitchen I decided to throw in a few extra additions of poached eggs, watercress salad and a 3 potato roast. Quick, simple, and doable.

j rummaging through the bounty of shrooms

pan roasted garlicky potatoes

sweet italian sausage, wild mushroom rigatoni, poached egg and parmesan

pickled cucumber, radish and watercress salad

...mmm... ..J did an outstanding job


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