Eggs, Eggs..and More Eggs!

Im not talking about chicken eggs guys.. or how I made the best scramble in the world..(but I just might sometime soon..) I'm talking about Uni, Ikura (salmon roe), and quail eggs. I can't fathom how much I adore uni, and I think ya'll know that I can't live without them.

One of my favorite combinations are uni and ikura. The uni at first bite, is firm then immediately melts in your mouth bursting with sweetness with just a touch of salt. The ikura are small sacs of fishyesque salty liquid that coats your mouth and is utterly refreshing. When eaten together.. just imagine the qualities each of them it's sweet and creamy and then pops of saltiness mixed in..I think its just the perfect match. I bet you're wondering how the quail egg fits in.. I'm just about to get to that now.. It's quite apparent that we eat uni and ikura in its raw state..but it's not always the case when it comes to poultry eggs.

I will always remember my middle school home ec. class and the lessons that were instilled upon us... I think salmonella was our biggest enemy... In asian cultures (especially the japanese) raw eggs arn't going to get us worried..or think twice about what bacteria we'd contract. FYI..there's chicken sashimi in Japan.. anyway..I think it's because the eggs that get to us were literally laid that morning, and usually the salmonella bacteria is on the outer eggshell and never in the embryo itself. Okay..enough of this salmonella business...

At Annisa, we have this dish composed of grilled scallops ladened with uni butter.. Omg..uni and butter?! what can be better... so I thought of an uni butter cappellini with ikura and a raw quail egg yolk. I made the uni butter first..simply by mixing uni and butter together..( serious) then once the cappellini was done I placed it in a bowl with the uni butter allowing it to mix together thoroughly. (the heat of the pasta will melt the butter so there's really no use for a saucepan.) I added a few splashes of pasta water as well just for a little saucy consistency..(be sure to season as you go.) After the cappellini is well coated in the velvety uni butter.. I plated it with left over uni roe, dotted it with ikura and placed the quail egg yolk on top. The quail egg yolk is like a binding agent.. bringing everything together when you mix it all in! I couldn't wait to dig in with my chopsticks while it was still nice and hot.. but I had to hold off for the pics.. it was still good nonetheless.

next time i'll put more uni butter to
give it more pizazz

sometimes i wonder what my neighbors think of me.. windowsill has the best light!


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