I Like My Mussels

Mussels... what do you do with mussels... or any other shellfish for that matter? A lot of people don't buy clams or mussels because they think It's either difficult to prepare..or they really don't know what the hell to do with them. I think the best way to cook them is by steaming them in a wonderful aromatic base of herbs and a good splash of lager..(or pretty much any type of alcohol you like..) ..and add them to a steaming bowl of pasta with a nice heaping dollop of garlic and parsley butter..ohh yeah.

I bought about a pounds worth of mussels a couple of days earlier thinking I'd make them for dinner..turned out I had dinner plans that I nearly forgot about..oops.. Anyway, I had time this morning to make something out of them before heading to work (and before letting them go bad)...

When you buy mussels they've all got to be closed.. closed mussels = live mussels.. (very important!) If your mussels are closed but have a broken shell, throw it out! You don't wanna take chances with mollusks and seafood..trust me.. I would know. To clean them, it's a fairly simple task..all you've got to do is remove it's beard (the fuzzy dangly thing on one of the sides..just pull it down and out.) The beard is just where the mussel attached itself on in the water..i.e, a rock..wooden dock.. you get the picture.. So, that's pretty much all the preparation that you need.

I chopped up some shallots, garlic, and chilli and threw them in a pot of heated olive oil. I threw about 10 sprigs of thyme too..(i like herbage.) I let them sizzle and pop for a few minutes being careful not to let the garlic burn! or it will be bitter as hell and you probably wouldn't want to eat it.. I dropped the mussels in at this stage and splashed some of my half opened bottle of beer and put a lid on to create steam within. The mussels took about 3-4 minutes to open up and yes....they're ready to eat! mmm...

If you want something quick, easy, and satisfying..give mussels a go. I would definitely recommend it..especially on a rainy morning...just imagine.. a hot steamy bowl of garlicky mussels.. yummm...!


  1. i can see the mint boot in the picture...
    this looks yummy.
    maybe you should change your text to a darker color-- it's a bit difficult to read at times.

    but good job :) i enjoy reading your blog.

  2. @kea- yeah I know! it was a template default color and it was 3am before I could figure it out, but now im awake and fresh and have changed it!


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