Shrooms and Eggs

I had quarts of egg whites sitting in my fridge leftover from thanksgiving so I had to put them to some use before they went bad! Since I woke up unusually early yesterday morning, I had a few hours to kill before heading to work.

Now...what's good with eggs? pretty much everything..(especially caviar) but since I didn't have that at hand, I opted for something else with higher recognition. How many times have you eaten your eggs with some form of truffles? at least once in your life I'd figure? ..If you haven't then I really think you Must search for it..or make it at home.

Since I was gearing towards the mushroomy scene I decided to throw in a handful of wild mushrooms to bulk up the dish. Then...I saw the jumbo lump crab meat.. I couldn't resist not adding that either.. hehe. Anyway.. I used a bottled white truffle oil that I bought last week at my local fine food purveyor..needless to say, I was too late to grab the last truffle in the window. But they promised that another shipment would be coming in soon..perhaps I shall try again today! Anywhoo, the dish turned out marvelous minus the real truffles...and of course truffle oil usually holds a stronger essence and aroma than the real one anyway...(unless you get the italian or white tartufo in the that's no comparison)

I started drizzling oil in a hot pan and threw in a few cloves of crushed garlic..(just to flavor the oil a bit), I took out the cloves and made sure the pan was searing hot (you can see a little smoke coming up), then I threw in the medley of mushrooms and seared them till they were crisp and tender. I added the crab in the last minute so as not to overcook and dry them out.. Mix them together and reserve. Now in the same pan add a little oil, and add your egg whites..keep it on relatively med-low heat and begin scrambling them with a spatula. Get your serving plate out and drop a generous portion of eggs (sprinkle a little fleur de sel and a few cracks of black pepper), then topple over the reserved mushrooms and crab. Sprinkle some finely chopped chives for color and depth..then generously drizzle the white truffle oil on top and around.

a scrumptious burst of earthy notes
of morels are absolutely divine


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