Be my Schmalentine: Cupcake Overload

It's that time of year again the time where people get all mushy and literally everything is in gradient shades of red. Window shopping can be an eye sore with only one continuous shape..a heart. I don't have a huge problem with valentines..its cute..for some people..for me, i'm just happy if I get something chocolatey.

This year I got a reese's peanut butter cup "valentine edition"..I was later surprised with a strikingly red doggy plush toy the morning of. I'm happy to receive but I've always been happier to give. This year M and I decided on surprising our friends with tooth-aching gifts in form of cupcakes..with extra finger-licking frosting.

The obvious was the red velvet.. it being all red and valentiney.. the second was a plain chocolate with nutella frosting and the third was a double chocolate with extra chocolatey chocolate frosting.

don't you just love sprinkleees?

fluffy and light

a little extra chocolate shavings won't hurt

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines day!

save the cupcake tops for whoopie pies!


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