My Kind of Eggs Ben: Homemade Hollandaise and Sweet Cream Biscuits

Waking up in Boston's Chinatown can be a little noisy.. even when i'm on the 21st floor. This morning I was awaken by loud drumming, and the crackle and pop of continuous firecrackers. I watched from above as the lion dancers were ushered in, kicking their heels to wallow up the cabbage and gleefully receiving their hong baos (red packets). My stomach began to grumble after about 15 minutes, I soon realized that I had plastered my face on the glass and left a less than glamourous mark. I quickly searched for any liquid spray cleaner and ended up with some 402 lysol..fearing in the back of my mind that my OCD best friend would catch sight of it..she didn't.. she's always up 2 hours after me anyway.

Anyway..I was still hungry after that minor setback..and there could only be one thing on my mind... eggs. I knew we had everything we needed for a simple breakfast..after all..we had raided whole foods about 3 times this week alone and ended up with 5 trays of eggs, about 10lbs of butter, and of course chocolate milk. But we didn't end up with any form of bread.. or english muffin to be exact.. And it wasn't like I was going to eat my eggs benedict without the muffin!? So plan B came into play.. Biscuits.. They are soo super easy to make and if you cook regularly I assure you that you have all the ingredients at hand.

I made the biscuits first, flour sugar, salt, baking powder, and heavy cream. Mix together, roll it out, cut, and bake! Tender, fluffy, and really..not what you expect from such a short ingredient list. But seriously..these are awesome biscuits!

With the biscuits done, I went on with the egg part of the picture. I brought a medium saucepan with water to a slight simmer and splashed in white vinegar. Dropped the eggs one at a time and let it sat there for 4 minutes. While waiting for the eggs to poach, I decided to make my hollandaise. It isn't difficult to make..just a lot of arm work whisking..oh and also the challenge of multi tasking...cut a stick of butter and melt it in the microwave for about 30 seconds..take it out and let it sit so the milk solids will drop to the bottom and you can skim off the top..(all you want is the clear golden liquid or clarified butter)..bring a saucepan to a simmer (this is for your bain marie..for the hollandaise) in another small saucrepan reduce red wine vinegar and black pepper together..about 3/4 reduced. Strain and pour it into a metal bowl. Seperate 4 egg yolks in with the vinegar and bring it over to the simmering water. Begin whisking, make sure the water isn't boiling dont want your yolks to curdle.. Whisk until the yolks become pale and slightly thick..still whisking, ladle in the clarified butter in a slow and steady stream..the mixture should begin to thicken and double in size after all the butter has been mixed in. Take off the heat and season with salt and a drop of lemon juice, and a dash of cayenne pepper.

During my whisking fiasco, I managed to drain my poached eggs on a paper towel and kept them warm on the stovetop. To assemble my plate, I took a biscuit and halved it. I placed a poached egg on each half, sprinkled some salt and pepper and ladened it with the warm hollandaise, I sprinkled a little more cayenne on top for some kick.

If only I had smoked salmon or gammon ham on time perhaps..

warm, tender, and fluffy biscuits..oh yes
way better than store bought english muffins

there isn't really anything like
watching a poached egg ooze out its
golden yolkyness ..MMMm


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