Leftovers for Lunch: Slow braised Lamb shank Rigatoni with Shallots and Sweet Juicy Peas

When I think about leftovers.. at times it ain't so good.. I'm not a leftover kind of person to be honest but I also hate to waste food that's still good! For dinner the night before, I made roasted herbed yogurt marinated lamb shanks...they were plenty good.. but too much for the four of us to finish. So of course when lunch the next day needed to be made I searched within the fridge for inspiration and a good hearty meal.

And tadaaaa! I decided on a braised lamb shank ragu of some sort with fresh rigatoni and freshly shucked peas from Lull farms. The result was an amazingly rich combination of buttery creamy richness and bursts of pea sweetness, oh and not forgetting the salty sharpness of the good ole parmiggiano reggiano...ohhh yeah baby.


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