Not Your Average Bolognese

I must admit.. pasta is gooood and so good for you.. in moderation that is.. hah! When I think of a bolognese sauce I think of ground beef, garlic, bay leaves, a drinkable wine, a couple of herbs.. and to finish it off a large can of san marzano tomatoes.. Well.. my bolognese is an updated version of you're grandma's famous meat sauce...simmered for hours and hours on end.. but not really actually.. it took only an hour?.. yes an hour to achieve a beyond rich, luscious, bold, and absolutely stick to your ribs meaty sauce to brighten up anybody's day.

To achieve such a sauce, I began by caramelizing a large vidalia onion which I diced in butter, evoo, 3 crushed and minced garlic cloves, 2 bay leaves, a bunch of basil, a handful of oregano and salt and pepper. I let it "simmer" for a godo 15 minutes making sure the heat wasn't too high, so basically letting the onions sweat and soften. In the meantime I roughly chopped a stalk of celery and 4 carrots, placed it in a bowl, pureed it and threw it in the pot. Now begins the real deal of this sauce..ensuring that I have an amazing base to handle the meaty part of this bolognese. I let the concoction simmer and reduce till most of the liquid evaporated making sure I seasoned the mixture regularly. I splashed it with about 1/2 a cup of good white wine and let that reduce even more.. I then added the ground beef and mixed it all thoroughly letting the meat cook slowly and absorb all the rich flavors from the vegetables. I seasoned once more and let it reduce and evaporate the liquid that naturally seeped out from the meat.. it took about 10 minutes to fully evaporate till nearly dry.. I then soaked it with a rich veal stock .. about 2 cups.. and let the whole mixture simmer on low heat for 20-30 minutes.. for the last 5 minutes of so, I took off the lid and cranked up the heat so all the liquid evaporates and the meat sauce becomes rich and developed. I also boiled some farfalle and penne in boiling salted water, drained it and threw it into the mixture.. To finish everything off.. a few shavings of parmiggiano reggiano and basil!


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