Rigatoni with Lull Farms Wild Shrooms and Calf's Liver: I Believe this is what the meaning of Earthiness is all about

4th of july is on its way...my boyfriend's mom never fails
to decorate the house appropriately for every occasion but
besides the point...the big bowl of pasta fits perfectly with its
rusticity and earthiness...mmm

layers upon layers upon layers

I'd really love to write a long spiel like how I usually do...but sometimes you've got to let the food.. and pictures of that food, speak for itself.

I'm always all over the world these days.. one day its in ny, then boston, tyngs, singapore, and back. I've been here for about a week now and I haven't really caught a break till now. Having been through all seasons of the east coast has been interesting so far. I'm happy to say that I'm thrilled to be spending the summer here in the charming town of Tyngsborough. Why you ask? well... apart from working on cars and running around with dolce.. there are actually more things for me to get excited with! I'm talking about the hundreds of farm stands that have sprouted up within a 20 mile radius from home...that I've been happily supporting days on end. Like this morning! Grabbed some local mushrooms, fresh pasta, a healthy slice of calf's liver, and freshly picked berries.

I made an oath to myself that I'd post at least one post every two days! ..and if you're lucky I'll even post so much as 3 in one day! So get readdy!! Cause I am back!


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