Strawberry Pickin' at Parlee Farms

I'm a little bit of a nut when it comes to farm stands and I must..I repeat..must stop to see what each one has to offer. On the way home the other day T and I had a fairly busy day running errands and such which included a stopover at Parlee Farms. It's strawberry season! And boy does it get my blood rushing. As we drove in I was literally jumping out of my seat..I think I was even more ecstatic than many of those 4 foot tall kiddies. As soon as we parked you could only see the dust I kicked up behind me running towards the animal barn..T was less amused and was astonished by my reaction of seeing a goat. It's hard to keep the things you love in.. you know what I mean!? Sometimes I just get carried away and that's just me!

Anyway, to cut things short.. we went to do what we went there to do..pick, and peruse, eat, and pick! It was a pretty hot day and of course..I had to wear a black shirt..but I didn't let the sweat drenching my back stop me from finding some real sweet and hot strawberries. While I excitedly foraged for my red jewels T strolled off and pretended to fiddle with his phone.. made a few phone calls yada..yada..and I remember he enjoyed telling me about his phone call to a guy in Kansas City who made gear shifts.... Anyway..I was too happy in my own zone to really listen and just said uhuh.. oo cool.. okay ..Look at that big huge one!! WOW! haha

We managed to pick two basketfuls and that was more than enough for me to play with and consume.

This is the "big huge one" I was talking about..
she's a monster I tell ya.. probably the size of my palm..

While I was taking pictures of my berries I couldn't help but take this pic of dolce digging up one of I think 25 chipmunk tunnel holes in the garden...You know it really never is a dull day around last night for example.. I was taking a shower and as soon as I turned off the water I heard yelping..or screaming-ish.. I thought oh those dumb kids next door.. But it was continuos and got louder quickly.. then I really thought man.. those kids are real weird...When went down to the living room..only to find T building his legos he found in the attic not long ago..I was again greeted by the almost laughing hyena sounds coming from the woods.. "T what the hell is that!? those kids next door? (who are about 800 yards from us) he said.. Oh the coyotes are out, they're trying to get the ducks and chickens outback.." I swear.. none of the dogs including ours even managed to whisper out a bark.

juicy red gems.. perfect straight off the fields


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