The Ultimate Complainer's Chocolate Pudding with a Few Extra Splashes of Dark Meyers Rum

Bet you're wondering why the title is such.. well if you all know my other half, T, ...then there isn't a need to explain. When I came up with this recipe a few months back I was inspired by him due to his incessant craving for chocolate. I figured I can't always milk it with peanut mnm's, or brownies and when I found out he enjoyed eating chocolate pudding...well the complainers pudding was born.

The very first time that I made this, I never thought of adding alcohol or anything fancy for that matter and of course it still turned out awesome. I used 2% milk and a months rent worth of valrhona chocolate...okay.. not that much but about a little less than a pound. The results were a velvety, dense, rich, and aromatic pot of brown goop that is amazing straight off the heat and even more chilled. The pudding lasted less than a week and I was just waiting for his request. The next time I made this he insisted to help me as he was determined to learn..and I think he rather just wait to eat it really.. However...T did an awesome job whisking slowly and patiently.. a lot better than I imagined (: haha! ...and since we had plenty of dark meyers lying around from making eggnogg last christmas we definitely did not want it to go to waste!

So the last time we did it the bain marie thing (cooking over simmering water bath style) took fooorever! My bowls were like heatproof..go figure.. hah.. well so now that I've learned my lesson I just did it straight over a very low heat. I combined 3 cups of milk, 1/4 cup of cornstarch and about a cup of sugar and brought to just below simmering.. I added the chocolate as soon as the milk was above body temp and whisked slowly to get it melting. And honestly..that's about it guys.. that is all a chocolate pudding is really about.. I added the meyers in soon after all the chocolate melted fully and all you need to do now is invest about 20 minutes of your precious time stirring so it won't curdle! T did the fine and important job of taste-testing and after a thumbs up he even did the honors of standing over the pot while I proceeded to online shop hehe.. He probably didn't think of it.. but I was watching him closely.. I think he had an inkling but he did an exceptional job and we ended up with an amazing pudding. You'll know when it's done when it gets thick and ribbony, any longer you're just waiting for something bad to happen! Just pour it into your grandma's glass bowl.. well if you have one .. or just a plain container will do.. and immediately cover it with cling wrap making sure the plastic touches the surface so a skin does not form..if you like the skin of a pudding.. then don't cover it! Let it cool to room-temp before placing it in the fridge.. serve it as is or with a heaping dollop full of whipped cream.


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