Gorgonzola Crostini with Crushed Walnuts and a Drizzle of Golden Honey

For the eve of the 4th, T decided that we should see his cousins'.. E's horse Duncan.. I've only heard and seen pictures of him and I knew he was a big boy..standing tall at 17.1 hands. E said he was a cross of a draft and thoroughbred.. but when I laid eyes on him yesterday any person who know's horses would have never guessed he was.. He looks like a regal warmblood.. large swollen hindquarters packed with muscles.. large dominant chest, impressive neck and head..and in the sun you could see his dapples even all around...jaw-dropping gorgeousness. T told me to be prepared before I went..so I donned on my riding pants and rubber boots ready for any outcome.. When we met up with E she was already tacking duncan up for a ride..I was already glad to see him.. and when she said that I could ride him...I was speechless! I haven't ridden in years and I've missed it so much and for E give me this opportunity was the best thing ever!

Duncan was amazing, if you can believe it.. he's 22 years old! He was trained as a hunter for most of his life and now E rides him for pleasure..exercising him with some light dressage...She's warned me that he usually tests new riders on him..giving them a little wake up call. So when it was my go I was expecting everything and anything to happen! And yes.. not to my surprise did he try to test me.. trying to buck and kick out.. and even run.. I gave him a few tight whacks with the whip and kicked him into canter from his stubborn buck and I think I gave him a run for his money! Overall.. I was delighted with the whole turnout and I think I'll be riding him more often!! Sadly we did have to run since we had a 4th of July party to head to and it'd be rude to be late! eheheh..

We went to T's Aunt's place for the celebration and oh my god.. I haven't consumed that much food in a single day in a very very long time. I was greeted with great big hugs and kisses.. and a slobbery kiss from T's little cousin Mitchell! Sooo cute! hah! but food wise..Chips and guacamole..mango salsa.. and pico de gallo.. MMM!! plus garlic cured fat green olives (amazing!) and.. to top it off.. I made my gorgonzola crostini, crushed walnuts and a drizzling of honey! Firstly I pre-heated the oven at 375..sliced on a diagonal about 1/2 inch slices of the french baguette, laid it on a baking tray and crumbled the walnuts and gorgonzola on each slice generously.. I baked it for 15 minutes..till the gorgonzola browned up a bit.. and as soon as it came out I drizzled it with sticky golden honey. It was a big hit amongst everyone..except T was complaining how it "ripped" through his mouth..too bad he has a sensitive upper palate..no one else complained!! It was a harmony of sweet, salty, savory, and crunch.. amazinggg! Try it.. you'd love it.. I am seeerious!

does this look good or what?!....if you're a fan of bleu cheese
you'll never ever let this one get out of your hands!

He's like ...dooopee..I just wanna chew on me hay

isn't he so handsome!?

going for our walk after a surprisingly amazing ride
that's E beside us!

This is little Harry.. the adorable Australian Shepherd..
he's pooped out from the heat!


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