Happy Birthday Mrs.M! ~Blackberry Buttercream Chocolate Cake

My better half and his mom have birthdays 4 days apart (6th and 10th). Being the foodie in the house it was unacceptable for me not to "surprise" them without a homemade cake..and besides...it's the least I could do. For Mrs.M's surprise I decided on making her something that included blackberries. They're her favorite and they're magnificently sweet and plump in season.

For the surprise, I waited anxiously the night before the 6th hoping that she'd head up to bed early. I wanted to surprise her in the morning, the whole nine yards..candles..etc.. Anyways.. She did mention how tired she was during dinner...and plus she had work early in the morning! I crossed my fingers tight and heard her say the magic line, "alright my darlings...i'm gonna go to bed..i'm just tired, goodnight!"

I want to be honest...I'm not the best baker in the world and I do get frustrated because measurements have to be to the T. But I still falter to the habit of "eye-balling" it...I would think in my head..a little bit more of this won't hurt right? Besides what's important is the taste right? And when I lay it in the oven..I pray that it'll come out perfect after it's 30 minutes. Anyway, back to her cake.. I chose a simple recipe for chocolate cake which I found online and did tweak just a tad. For the buttercream, I followed a classic recipe that called for softened butter, confectioners sugar, a little vanilla, and for the blackberry factor I heated fresh blackberries in a sauce pot with a 1/4 cup of blackberry jam and just a few drops of lemon juice. 5 minutes later it became a thick syrupy dark purple consistency. I allowed it to cool for about 10 minutes and ran it through a sieve so nobody would accidentally come across a hard seed. After the addition of the blackberry compote, the buttercream transformed into a warm bubblegum..pinkish tint.

I waited for the morning to take pictures because natural light really produces great results. I just love the color of the buttercream..makes it truly inviting..doesn't it?

a little kiddy...but the thought and effort is what counts!
I "tiptoed" into her room.. quietly calling T to come over and help..and
she sprightly rose up from bed and had the biggest smile I've ever
seen! She was absolutely thrilled and I was so happy we could pull it off


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