Hot Pressed Cashew Pistou Caprese Sandwich

Oh hot damn! This is by far one of the simplest, quickest and yet amazingly tasting lunch I've had in a while... but I must say, my hot reuben sandwiches are the bomb too..

I woke up usual..and for some apparent reason Lull Farm was on my mind.. and after this.. I was glad I went! T had a regular client scheduled to come in at 9, and so I left with the dust rolling behind me and promised to be back right in time to make All of us lunch. Little did I know I was so carried away at Lull that I spent... 3 hours.. with the first 2 trying to figure out what potted herbs I wanted to bring home to plant. Anywhoo..I'll ramble on about the plants in a later post because these caprese sandwiches is what I want to share with you!

So at Lull I grabbed a loaf of rustic Tuscan sourdough bread, Ugli heirloom tomatoes (MMMM juicy good), fresh basil, and hand pulled mozzarella. I rushed home and arrived promptly at 12:46pm...I was a tad angry at myself for holding out too long while I was out but..right now..I am the happiest, most civil, and relaxed lass. Now.. lets get down to bizness. Want to make these amazingly great "paninis"!?

Firstly make a pistou (pesto)..If you don't have time grab a bottled one at the store but It's well worth the wait and taste to make it at home. Grab a handful of basil leaves (freshly picked) a cup of evoo, dash of salt and cracker pepper, 2 small cloves of garlic, and a pinch of sugar and I put a twist on this by using cashews instead of the classic pine nuts.. I didn't have any parm at hand..but hey it's still amazing! Add all ingredients in a bowl or if you have a food processor add it all in there and blitz till its somewhat smooth..(doesn't have to be perfect.. texture is good!) Taste and adjust seasoning if need be. I added a tad more evoo at the end to finish it off. (set aside)

For the babies.. well to start, slice the bread about a 1/2 inch thick, slice the tomatoes a 1/2 inch thick, mozzarella 1/2 inch thick too! If you have a paninni press use it! I don't so I just whipped out a non-stick pan and placed it over a medium heat. I drizzled evoo on each slice of bread sparingly, seasoned all slices of tomatoes and cheese with salt and pepper and grabbed a fat clove of garlic and peeled it. Toast the bread slowly so it will get a nice crust on both sides..Once one side is crusty and toasty.. take that clove of garlic and rub it on the bread ( by doing this the bread almost becomes a microplane..grating the clove straight into the bread making it garlicky.. but not tooooo garlicky.. mm! After browning both sides to perfection lower the heat a tad and literally slather on heaping spoonfuls of your ridiculous cashew pistou atop both slices of bread spreading it evenly to ensure full palate place the mozzarella side by side allowing it to melt ever so slightly and releasing its natural moisture thus avoiding the sandwich to become soggy later.. place the tomatoes side by side as well on the other slice of bread..wait like 2 minutes.. now rip off more basil leaves and place it on top of the tomatoes, and take the other slice of bread and complete the sandwich. If you have a cast-iron press (AWESOME!) use it and "press" the sandwich down, this allows it to smoosh the ingredients together and to create a real nice crust and basically keep all the ingredients inside the sandwich and not escaping onto your plate. If you don't have one..just do it piffy style.. a little risky..slightly dangerous..but gets the job done..I used my hand! hahah.. or just use the bottom of a heavy saucepan..oh and or another option is if you have bricks lying around.. wrap it in aluminum foil and use that as a press!

Now.. all you have to do is carefully transfer it out of the hot pan and get it straight into your belly. By the way.. T and his client devoured their lunches in a heartbeat.. either it was soooo good.. or they were just super hungry... I'm going to say..its a mixture of both..but leaning more towards the great part! heeheee!

Right below.... just an array of pictures I thought were vital to making this sandwich just that much better!

My very own personal gardener.. not bad ah?

2 very inquisitive and not too helpful helpers... Dolce was more interested in tasting the new addition..Macgyver was happy to find a new pee-pee spot..

thai basil...dill...greek oregano..oregano.. and not pictured are
creeping rosemary, thyme, and lemon thyme

this is tiffanista's garden.. according to Mrs.M..I must say I
like her pet flufffluu for dolce!

that's right! get down to it!

hah! I didn't nice one T-buck... devouring a key-lime bar
whilst I took over.. only because T was suffocating my thyme!
yes yes.. i get picky with my plant spacing okay!

wouldn't have been able to do it without you darling! (:
giving the little babies their much needed h20


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