A Most Perfect Summer Quencher: Gin Laced Blackberry and Key Lime Crush with a Lemon Thyme Syrup

Summer isn't summer without a great refreshing drink...With or without a little "pick me up" this drink will quench anyone's thirst.

Over the past week I had a lemon, lime, sour, tart phase.. one of which resulted in my burst of making lemon curd bars and key-lime bars..( I shall share about this soon). I had a bunch of key limes left over from my abrupt decision to make my key lime bars so it wasn't fair to let them go to waste. To me key limes taste very similar to calamansi.. still not comparable but I think they can make a fair substitute if you ever need it. They are smaller than limes and have a softer rind, much more fragrant and actually have a slight sweetness with its tart bite. So what better than make a drink with it right? Right!

So...how did I think of this? It's funny.. funny to me only because before I made this I was actually modeling T's legos and photographing them for reference.. yeah.. I know right! hah! My sundays are always so filled with great surprises!! whee! I was actually enjoying myself..I can't lie here and I'll tell you why a little bit later. Back to the drink.. well, key limes.. tart and acidic.. I needed something else that would go with this..I thought why not blackberries? I have two punnets..and plus it would be a great base plus give it a great attractive color! And on top of this I needed an extra textural palate pleasuring element.. and soda came to mind.. we have plenty of flavored tonic sodas lying around because of Mr.M..and I happened to find a lemon flavored tonic.. Poyfect. Now.. for a sweetener..sugar is first on my list.. honey was second.. Honey is a great sweetener however it can be too overpowering.. I wanted the limes to shine and so the honey bear was lucky enough to stay tucked away. So I got to thinking.. lemons.. lime.. lemon.. lemon thyme! Tiffanista's Garden has some!! yeaaah! so I plucked a few sprigs and placed it in a saucepan with a 1/2 a cup of sugar and 1 cup of water. Place it over med-heat till sugar dissolves and allow it to cool. This would be my lemon thyme sugar syrup.. the sweetener for this soon to be amazing drink! To begin the concoction I whipped out my blender and threw in 1 punnet of blackberries, squeezed the juice out of 6 key-limes, added in the lemon thyme syrup (about 1/4 cup worth first), 2 handfuls of ice and about 1 cup of water to loosen it up. Blend it till it's smooth and taste for a balance of sweetness to sourness and you know what.. add a pinch of salt to really bring it together.. I added a bit more of the syrup to my liking but still kept it nice and tart. Now don't make this batch watery..This should be like your base.. remember! you'll be adding the lemon soda water!

To make the drink start with a nice tall glass.. add 1/4 cup of the berry lime mix, (1-2 shots of gin..optional), a nice handful of ice, and finish it all of with the lemon soda water. Mix it with a stirrer.. and if you'd like, you can do the same and shake it up in a shaker! Garnish it with a wedge of lime and a thyme sprig! Now...drink up and get ready for more (: I would suggest to make a big batch.. it's going to go faaaast!

Want to try this out? Check out the recipe below!

the face of happiness..and being locked out basking in the warm sun

Blackberry, Key Lime Crush with Lemon Thyme Syrup

1 punnet blackberries
6-7 key lime juice (extra for garnish)
1/2 c sugar
2 c water

1 liter of lemon flavored soda water
4-5 sprigs of lemon thyme (or normal thyme)
a bunch of ice
optional: gin, vodka

Make the syrup first by placing sugar, 1 cup of water and thyme into a saucepan. Bring to a boil till sugar dissolves and allow it to cool. In a blender throw in the blackberries, key lime juice, ice, 1 cup water, and 1/4 cup of lemon thyme syrup and blend it till it is smooth. In a tall glass add 1-2 shots of gin, 1/4 cup of berry lime crush, ice cubes, and finish it off with the lemon flavored soda water. Stir or shake it till combined and garnish with a wedge of lime. Enjoy!


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