sidenote: Jetsetting For the Weekend the Surmise Awaits from Switzerland

"Hey babe, so this is what I want you to do when I'm gone...You need to least 3 posts.. and like just create something new you know?! it has to be something you've never made for me before.. or like no wait.. something you've never made before either!" "like..what though?" "Like.. make a healthy dessert or something..surprise me!"
A sarcastic chuckle is what came out under my breath as T so demandingly coughed out the things I should do to keep me busy while he sets off to Switzerland to drive on the alps. Yes...a nice 2 little boys trip in a small car around the alps, italy, into austria and back to zurich. On top of my list of must do's, I have to wrap a car and paint! I'm no superwoman but try is what I will do! T left 2 days ago and i have 1/3 posts down. I barely clocked in 3 hours of sleep frantic and lost with what I wanted to create for him...he isn't the sweetest pea in the pod.. But I hold no grudge...I still do adore you.

So till then....just wait what I have in store for him.. and for the rest of us! It's going to be very gooot I say


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