I first encountered profiteroles in my past life as a major glutton for desserts..Eclairs, cream puffs, pate a choux.. whatever it is they are GREAT. My very first time making them was actually during culinary school with the coolest pastry chef ever! Chef Chad! He was the best..he always had the weirdest stories about his past.. like how he was with the army jumping out of planes!? and then now he's this big time pastry chef!? Yeah... talk about career change here..but we are glad he did (: So ever wondered how these lovely babies are made? I questioned that a long time ago too but now it's all so easy to do..especially if you have a standing kitchenaid. (but if you dont..more power to'll be doing some major arm work..Like I did) Worth it? ...Most definitely.

I wanted to make these delightful cream puffs because T loves 'em... and not only that.. I like them too! They're fun because they become these versatile pockets that can be stuffed with ice cream, whipped creams, vanilla pudding..chocolate creams.. oh gosh.. all sorts of things!! And not only that.. they can be dipped into vats of warm chocolate...who wouldn't like that!? Well what I wanted to do was make a riff between a normal cream puff with chocolate and a boston cream pie. cream pies sure are addictive.. and so.. this is 2 great things that will = AWESOME! And..they will make the people around you very happy campers.

Alright.. so let's get started.. there's a trick to making these bite-sized devils and sometimes your first attempt may turn you off completely..but I'd say just keep on trying till you get it and you can be making these with your eyes closed! The tough part is about temperatures in the oven.. they are first baked HOT at 475 F for 10 minutes then at 375 for around 15 minutes to ensure full done-ness in the inside. Once they're done they are poofy and have a hollowed center!

So this is what I did first.. made the vanilla cream filling. Very easy.. Now it is an egg based but you can easily skip the eggs if you are allergic by adding only cornstarch. I love the taste of eggy custards...therefore I prefer making my custards/puddings..with egg yolks. Firstly I combined sugar, a pinch of salt, 3 Tbs of cornstarch and milk in a saucepan. Lowered it onto medium heat stirring constantly will thicken in about 5 minutes, make sure that the cornstarch is fully mixed in.. you don't want a clumpy mess. Once it is to a boil you want to temper the eggs with the mixture.. to temper them, while whisking the egg yolks in a separate bowl pour in the hot milk mixture in a slow steady stream.. just a little bit at a time.. you don't want your eggs to become scrambled eggs.. thus the reason for tempering! Pour in about half of the amount of hot milk mixture to the eggs and whisk thoroughly then pour that eggy mixture in with the rest of the hot milk mixture and lower it onto medium heat again.. Stir occasionally till thickened about 6-8 minutes and add in vanilla extract.. or in my case vanilla bean paste. Pour it into a plastic tupperware and cover it with saran wrap directly on the mixture itself so it doesn't form a skin. Leave it aside to cool and place it in the freezer for faster cooling! don't forget to take it out after 2 hours or so.

Now for the puffs! Pre-heat your oven to 475 F. Combine in a saucepan water, butter, salt and sugar..bring to a boil until the butter has melted completely. Take it off the heat and pour in the flour and stir rapidly with a wooden spoon..(This is when you put your "guns" to the test) Stir and stir until the floury mixture peels away the saucepan.. (not sticking) it will look shiny and gummy almost.. then you add a total of 4 eggs one at a time incorporating each fully at each addition. There is your pate aux choux done! Now.. my method of piping!? is called a gallon sized ziploc bag..yes.. as simple as that! Just scoop the mixture into the bag and push it down to one tip, snip off about 1/4 inch off the tip and pipe them onto a wax paper lined sheet tray. Bake them at 475 for 10 minutes then lower down the heat to 375 for a further 15 minutes!

After a total of 25 minutes in the oven.. they are finally done

he always knows when the goods are ready...those large nostrils of his me thinks..

all donned with rooster mitts!

I made a simple chocolate ganache for the topping.. I broke up some 65% good quality chocolate into a bowl and brought a cup of heavy cream to a boil with a pinch of salt. Poured that hot mixture into the bowl of chocolate and nudge the bowl a bit to get things going. I allowed it to sit for about 5 minutes and after that just use a spatula and stir it in to combine..Afterwards...drop a cube of butter one at a time until it melts to cool it down and finish it off. And just like that you have a chocolate ganache!

Now all you gotta do is fill in the puffs with your chilled vanilla cream.. them dip it in the chocolate! then.. i think you know what's next.. eat eat eat!! T was so thrilled.. and to my surprise Mrs.M couldn't stop raving about them days after.. she was so upset that I threw them out (after 3 days) that she complained about them for about 2 days straight.. I think she wants me to make them again..?

I'll post the recipes up soon! (I promise!)


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