There's Nothing Like Good Ole' Carrot Cake....with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

Don't start with me with carrot cake...It's by far one of the best and still the best cakes out there. Yes.. we like our souffles, blackout cakes, ny cheesecakes..etc.. but nothing beats a traditional carrot cake. This will be my first time making this delight, unfortunately... I should be making this years ago.... A. because its da bomb.. and B. no one will turn away from a slice. And surely you know not only is it an awesome cake...but its a healthy to speak. You get your carrots..(think of how great your vision will be enhanced!) walnuts...(great energy booster and good fats) raisins...(yeah well..raisins..) And the spices in it too! such as cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger...oh yes.. such a hardy hearty cake! And to top it off.. with my twist on this? Well... it's something like maple cream cheese frosting...need I say more? This is not any normal plain philadelphia cream cheese frosting peeps.. this is more like cream cheese with a dollop of pure maple syrup.. oh yeah babeh..

......I hope I haven't lost you yet... I chose this day to make it because for some reason our fridges are filled with 3, 3lb bags of carrots.. and even though I tried to use up our supplies I managed to use about 1.5lbs..not really the best use but hey you know what!? at least I used some of it! Anyways lets get to the nitty gritty .., I preheated the oven at 350 F, then grated about 7 carrots and left it aside. Meanwhile I sifted flour, cocoa, ginger powder, cinnamon, baking soda and powder, and salt in a bowl. Then... In another bowl I combined eggs, vanilla bean paste, granulated sugar and brown sugar, and vegetable oil. Then when that is well combined, add the dry ingredients to the wet and fold in carrots, raisins, and walnuts. Pour them into 2 or 3 greased 8in pans (in my case I chose to do 2 layers) and bake them for 45-50 minutes. Meanwhile...make the maple cream cheese frosting! I would die and go to heaven for some good frosting.. it's like the cherry topper on everything cakey..seriously.. I do enjoy creamy and not overly sweet frostings. And for my carrot cake? I like a LOAD of frosting.. like not the skimpy skinny layers of it you know what I mean? I want like the hunka chunka 1 inch think all around kind! So that called for a larger batch of frosting.. 24oz cream cheese..(I used a 1 full fat philadelphia 8oz block and 2 blocks of fat free cream cheese) Yes.. it is still good! In with the softened cream cheeses I also added 1/2 a cup of softened unsalted butter and creamed them together till they were silky smooth. Afterwards I whisked in 4 cups of confectioners sugar and for the final touch.. yes.. the maple syrup..not too much! just 1/4 cups worth. Now leave it to chill in the fridge while you wait for the cakes to come out! Just make sure that when you insert a satay stick or toothpick that it comes out clean! Leave them to cool on a cooling rack till you're ready to frost them!

Once the cakes are cool enough to frost, frost them immediately because like me, you probably would not have the patience! Frost and design how you like.. I did some kind of criss cross fence pattern...just play with it! You'd be surprised by your creativity! Once frosted place it in the fridge or if you really want to...heck..just cut a slice! You deserve it after all! Unfortunately I had to wait till 10pm to take a bite out of mine.. I had a pretty eventful day trying to ease this one stupid bolt latch into a took skill and finesse..which T actually surprised me with at the end! (: Hah! Anyway... the cake.. according to T.. was the best dessert I've ever date. Quite a statement I'd say? Haha! It sure made a wide smile on me face toos!

Not even 24 hours after making this and already the cake is nearly half gone. Gahh! I think this is reassurance that this cake is worth making! I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough time to take pictures at the rate the cake was disappearing. But if that were the case..I guess I'll just have to make it again...I still have a million pounds of carrots waiting for me... Maybe I'll make carrot cake muffins instead!... ahh.. perhaps.

Have a wonderful day guys!


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