Homesmoked Pastrami and More Corned Beef Sandwiches

Just received my Grassland Beef from US Wellness YAY! Remember my corned beef/pastrami post? Well this is getting better and better! I have not attempted to corn my own beef yet but I with my order in it is all getting a little bit sweeter. US Wellness is a pretty great site for all your meat needs, beef, pork, game, and seafood. I got some beef cheeks, 6lb brisket and my corned beef brisket and flatiron. Produce from the site are from neighboring family farms that raise their animals with lots of love, care, and attention. check it out!

awesome stovetop smoker

nifty steamer o'mine

 pastrami (brisket) 
corned beef (flatiron) see the difference in grain?

I was uber excited when I stumbled upon their own corned beef! and the best part’s brined msg, gluten and nitrate free! So of course I HAD to get it... and I figure I get a few pounds worth so I could make pastrami and corned beef. Oh yeah..forgot to mention that I got a stovetop smoker too!! (pastrami here I come!)

At the moment I have the smoker smoking up and the corned beef steaming beside it. This house is starting to smell like a hickory smokehouse...and Katz deli... Amazing! I’m allowing the pastrami (brisket) to smoke for an hour on low medium heat and then steaming it for a couple hours till meltingly tender. The corned beef (flatiron) has been steaming for about an hour and I’ll let it go for a few more.

2 hours and a few groaning bellies later...I decided it was time for us to chow down. I prepared my sauerkraut and homemade russian dressing, and had picked up a half loaf of blackforest rye (SO GOOD!) Assembly time! Slice up the corned beef thinly against the grain (it was meltingly tender after 2.5 hours) and keep warm, slather your slices of bread with dressing and top on side with swiss, or emmenthaler cheese and toast til melty, while thats melting load up your other slice with meat then sauerkraut then top with cheesy toast. eat immediately!

The pastrami ended up smoking for 2.5 hours and it wasn’t as tender as I’d like so I allowed it to steam for another hour or so but I think it needs a bit more. Taste wise it was there, and I recommend anyone to try this if you don’t have the time to brine your own meat. I highly recommend the corned beef flat was like butter. Aesthetically because of the lack of nitrates it didn't have the nice pink color but that didn't bother me one bit as the flavors spoke on its own. 



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