Hanjuku or Ajitsuke Tamago a.k.a The Ramen Egg

I have been off and away from my blog and abandonment was not the way I wanted to go. I have been traveling again and now I'm back home in rainy Singapore. The abundance of restaurants are expected but the abundance of ramen joints are astronomical. Singapore is littered with all sorts of new haunts and ramen is all the craze, I have not tried them all solely because putting weight on is easier than taking weight off. Earlier today the family and I conversed about how ramen is becoming ever so popular not only here but all over the world, in particular Jakarta. Inspired by the talk and how good the ramen egg makes the dish gave me the itch to experiment further upon it.

I am particular when it comes to eggs, and I get pretty picky with where it comes from, the feed and even packaging. I love to buy my eggs from the Japanese supermarket Isetan, their egg selection is not huge but they have selective brands and this particular one I buy has rich and bright orangey yolks. I think its those bright orangey yolks that make one of the more important characteristics that ajitsuke tamago should have. The experiment conducted consists of 3 eggs, all of them are straight out of the fridge and placed into room temp water then brought to a rolling boil. I timed them each with the first one at 8 minutes, second at 10, and the last at 11 minutes. After each egg reached their desired cooking time I plunged them into an ice water bath for a few minutes to stop the cooking process. It also aids in peeling as the ice water helps the whites retract from the shell inside.

I documented each egg in pictures below...


This is soft-boiled perfection, the whites are set but still soft near the yolk and the perfect runnyness! 

These were a little too runny for a ramen but still pretty good though!

This 11 minute egg seems pretty darn perfect to my personal liking. The yolks were still runny and a little goopier than the previous. I also soaked them in a shoyu mixture to get the color, however I should've soaked them longer!

Egg #1 

1 Egg (straight out of the fridge)

In a small pot place the egg and pour room temperature water until just covering the top of the egg. Bring it to a boil on high heat and set the timer for 8 minutes. Swirl the egg around in a circular motion in the beginning so the yolk will center as it cooks. When it begins to boil, lower the heat a tad so the water doesn't overflow.  Meanwhile create your ice bath and place it nearby, after the timer rings immediately submerge your egg into the ice bath and discard your hot water. Peel it after 2-3 minutes and enjoy. You may re-warm it with warm water.

Egg #2

1 Egg (straigh out of the fridge)

The same procedure as Egg #1 just cooked for 10 minutes instead

Egg #3

1 Egg (straight out of the fridge)

The same procedure as Egg #1 and 2 just cooked for 11 minutes instead

Shoyu Marinade

1/2 C good quality Japanese Shoyu
1 T brown sugar
1/4 C hot water

Mix altogether and soak your egg for 2-3 hours. To re-warm the egg place it in warm-hot shoyu mixture.

Tomorrow I shall attempt to re-create my version of ramen. I hope it turns out as good as I imagine it to be.


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