Homemade Tonkotsu Ramen

Here it is! As mentioned in my previous post I stated that I will share this with the rest of you. I must be honest, its a great rendition of the traditional tonkotsu ramen but it just wasn't good enough. Some of my testers mentioned that it needed to be boiled for 24 hours, I left mine on for half that... although some said it was just right, perfect. Unfortunately my sense of taste wasn't at its best but my harshest critic (my mother) loved it. I paired my ramen with sweet corn kernels, boiled spinach, chasu, ajitsuke, bamboo shoots, spring onions and pickled ginger. I got lucky with my noodles since the Japanese store was having a Hokkaido fair which brought in freshly made ramen noodles. These are the toppings I love to pair with my ramen however toppings are to your own personal liking!

Having done my research on ramen, it's never 100% pork. If you were to use an all pork based broth it would be far too strong and too rich. So you add in a few chicken backs, and thighs with a whole bunch of pig trotters and pork fat plus a few aromatics and you get a glistening golden gelatinous broth. The aromatics consists of charred onions, garlic and ginger. Its a tedious process but I'm not going to lie...it was tedious but delicious. Another thing I missed out on was making black garlic oil...I think that would have brought it to the next level. Next time!


I am still finalizing the recipe, and I might have to make it again since I have a tendency of never documenting anything down...a bad habit of mine...i know.

Oh and before I forget... We went for late night durian gorging afterwards!

 mao shang wan


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