Reuben Turktrami Sandwich

Unless you have a better name for my title, please feel free to let me know. This post is about having my first homemade corned beef and pastrami sandwich in Singapore. I haven't had one in God knows how long and boy do I miss having to bite a large stack of cured meat, melted cheese, steaming sauerkraut and russian dressing on a warm crusty rye. I felt it'd be perfect to pair this up with my tomato soup. Unfortunately I went to 2 stores and left without any form of sauerkraut!!! It's about time I talk to inventory folks.

The only drawback about this sandwich is my pastrami is made of turkey and my corned beef isn't so great. But the flavors are there and my russian dressing will sum it up into an amazing sandwich. I have yet to find good pastrami here but I hear that the Swiss butchery makes their own...I must make my down there soon. But in the meantime this will do.

It's very hard for me to make things in a small scale...whenever I go grocery shopping its like my playground..I'm supposed to buy for 3 or 4 but its more for like 10-12. My mother really told me the other day to keep in mind that I, me, barely eat and her? she nibbles her food like a rabbit. But I say...hey you never know maybe my friends will come over..she goes friends? All of your friends have left you for fall semester!! Sad as it is true...I told her I'll try my best so I remembered what she said and made sure I bought only what I needed. And I think I need some summer friends!


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