Every time I head home to Singapore I always make at least one trip back to Jakarta. Seeing my grandparents and relatives are always the highlight of my trips but I especially indulge in all the food options. Salak or snakefruit is indigenous to Indonesia and I never fail to devour numerous lobes of this special fruit. It is called snakefruit because of its unique outerskin, its patterns are just like a snakes and when you peel it is as if a snake has shed its skin. Its texture is apple like crunchy and a bit crumbly, it is sweet and almost alcoholic tasting. It's a taste that's hard to describe and can only be enjoyed when you try it. 

Unfortunately I am probably not allowed to ship it back to the US with me in fear that the sniffer pups will pounce on my precious goods. But if you ever make it to South East Asia, you can find it in all parts of Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. 


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