Christmas in the W Household

Christmas this year was definitely not the same in our household. As a family we all managed to get together under one roof with one special little nephew Daniel! Words cannot describe how devastatingly adorable he know all babies are cute, but he is just SUPER cute. We are proud to say that our maternal grandma's strong genes pulled through, his parents should be equipped, with those dimples he'll be bringing all the ladies home.

We decided, or rather, the family decided that I should play cook this year (more like every year). I planned for an elaborate yet home friendly menu which consisted of a 5 rib prime rib roast, smoked ham with a pineapple chutney, brussel sprouts with pancetta, green beans, gruyere popovers, creamed corn, and mashed root vegetables. For desert we bid the night with molten chocolate cakes and carrot cake.

Below is a compilation of our evening in pictures. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

one proud moment

starting with a prime product = outstanding results

 creamed corn.greenbeans.brussel sprouts with rib roast.mashed root vegetables. gruyere popovers

 Meet Daniel

 gruyere popovers, popping over

 molten chocolate cakes heading to the fridge to chill

our makeshift tree! it works


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