Aji Tonya Mondo

We've been living out of hotels since day 1 in Yangon...there are perks to staying at hotels but it's getting a little too comfortable. Fortunately we've found a house and it's currently under minor renovations. We hope to move in by end of week, cross our fingers. As I was saying our hotel is great, everyone treats us like family, we don't even need to tell them what kind of coffee we want! Their food options aren't so bad either. There's a choice of Japanese, Chinese, and international. Honestly we are getting a little tired of staying in, but we come back late every night after work and once you get back into the hotel...good luck getting us out. So it's a game of what's for dinner tonight? We usually have a cycle  and the occasional buffet...real exciting.

Yangon has numerous restaurants, Italian, Japanese, French, Thai, Chinese, and local. At times we really force ourselves to have dinner elsewhere and one of those days we were glad we did. Our hotel is located in a pretty central area in between two up and coming areas. We were having dinner out one night just about a 5 minute walk and came across a very small and short door. It had its name in Kanji but neither of us knew what it read, but we were intrigued and vowed to try it one of these days. The opportunity came about when T's friend visited us on his first visit here. We weren't sure whether the food was exceptional or horrible so we took a gamble. The odds were in our favor and Mondo has now become our go to Japanese place.

When you're at Mondo, the whole vibe, food, service is as if you're in an locals only restaurant in a back alley in Tokyo. We ordered a lot for three, but it was worth a few belt holes. The prices at Mondo are a little steep for Yangon, but if you want to have traditional authentic Japanese just head over.

 tender and juicy tamago

 if you're craving sashimi, head nowhere else


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