open faced sandwich

Seems like this is all the rave now, an open faced sandwich....who knew? The point of a sandwich is to eat all the contents between two slices without getting your hands all dirty, but this is half the least half of carb calories.

Like any sandwich, you can put anything that comes to mind. And honestly it's quite pretty to look at too. Every dish is like a work of art, so the best thing you can do is build it up in layers. Colors, textures, and height are also good things to remember when building your smorrebrod. And the best is to always keep things simple.

For our breakfast smorrebrod's I decided on ripe avocados two ways, heirloom tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers and eggs. The tedious part is to get your mis en place going, preparation is key to any dish, most of the time you underestimate the prep time and it can really screw you over when your tight for time.


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